Artist's Statement

My work has evolved from realistic landscapes and portraits to abstract expressionism and now total improvisation.

I start painting without any preconceived notion or expected result. I try to create extraordinary, compelling new imagery, intrinsically based on the elements and principles of good design. Narrative references often emerge and remain, but they are subordinate to the aesthetic whole. I’m after a visual experience that is felt viscerally in the heart and soul, with or without a narrative context.

Ultimately, I want to make something astonishing that’s not been seen before, then step back and think, “Wow, look at that!” Then make it really count.

Black and White

I grew up with black and white books, magazines, newspapers and television, so I love the clarity and drama of it. I want all of my work to be compelling from a distance and intriguing up close. I work with the sense of awe and discovery experienced as a child, and I hope the results will reveal a hidden truth about something important to me.

Life Drawings

I love drawing, especially the figure. I consider even my sketches to be stand-alone works of art, not studies for other pieces. I like to experience and celebrate the body, while discovering new aesthetic forms and relationships that are visually stimulating. My drawings often seem unfinished, so viewers can mentally participate in the creative process – and I can be invigorated anew by the work and its origins.